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What to do at Echo Lakes...

    The Echo Lake area offers a variety of outdoor activities including boating, hiking, fishing, and camping in Desolation Wilderness (a .5 mile hike from our boat taxi stop), and picnicking.   

    The Chalet offers boat taxi service to the far end of the lakes and tours..  We have a well-stocked general store, and a deli-fountain. Our milkshakes are made with real ice cream.

    Fishermen coming to Echo Lake will find relaxing fishing just a short walk from their cars, both off the Dam and the nearby shoreline.  The more involved can hike around both lakes..  A local fisherman caught this amazing rainbow trout in July.


Check out this fish - caught trolling on 6-19-05:

Large Brooke Trout 6-19-05a.jpg (61828 bytes)

For those who want to go hiking, the Pacific Crest Trail borders the Lakes on its way from Mexico to Canada, and leads to the Desolation Wilderness area. The stretch of trail along the Lakes is supposedly the second easiest section of the entire Pacific Crest Trail, since it is a fairly flat 3.1 miles.   

The view from the trail looking up Lower Echo.

    Overnight camping (by permit from the Forest Service) is legal only in the Desolation Wilderness. The Wilderness was first protected in 1929, and is over 60,000 acres which includes more than 50 lakes and streams.

Looking across Lake Aloha at the Crystal Range, in Desolation Wilderness.  Pyramid Peak at left.

    Boaters coming to Echo Lake are welcome to fish, water-ski (abiding by local law), float, or whatever else suits their fancy.  See the Marina page for more information.

maplight2.jpg (117151 bytes)

Click the image to see a larger version...    

    There is meadow with picnic tables just across from the Lodge 

    The possibilities are endless in such an amazing wilderness environment.

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