Missing Sign and Aluminum Recycling
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  This sign used to hang on the front of the Chalet office.

$200 reward, no questions asked...

We STILL want it back!!!  It was stolen about five years ago...

Aluminum and CRV bottle recycling by Echo Chalet.

Each year the Chalet collects somewhere between 30 to 50 POUNDS of CRV aluminum. It is bagged up and stored behind the Chalet until the end of the season, at which time we now bring it to a local school in one of our large taxi boats. With the help of the students and teachers, the  non-recyclables are sorted out, and the cans are bagged for transport to a recycling center.  The money (usually $350 - $450/year) is used to purchase classroom supplies - ranging from copy paper to computers and document cameras. So, when you place your cans in our collection bins you are supporting the environment and our schools!  Thank you.

Cans bagged and ready for recycle

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Thanks !

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