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    The Launch Ramp at Echo is available for public use during high water conditions.  The rates and usual hours of operation are listed below.  

Because of the very real threat of Nuisance plants and mussels entering Echo from Tahoe (plants) and elsewhere (Quagga or Zebra mussels from Colorado), we are required to inspect all vessels and control access to the lake. It will  be necessary to allow boat access only during our normal business hours. In anticipation of the restricted hours of operation, we respectfully ask you to please try and time your travel to coincide with our operating hours. Thank you.

    Because Echo Lake drains into the Tahoe Basin we are subject to the jurisdiction of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, which has imposed a ban on carbureted 2-stroke motors.   This means that all boats launching at Echo must comply with the ban by either being 4-stroke or Direct Fuel-Injected 2-stroke engines (such as Evinrude Ficht or E-Tec).

    Please keep in mind that underwater obstacles exist on Lower and Upper Echo Lakes due to their mountainous nature.  Also, there is a small channel between Lower and Upper Echo that is shallow and requires minor maneuvering skills, meaning very large boats may have a hard time navigating.  See the map on the What to Do page to get an idea.

    Local law at Echo Lake states that water skiing or wakeboarding may only occur from 9 am until the time that direct sunlight leaves Flag Pole Peak (noted on map), and must always take place in a clockwise direction.  Jet skis are subject to the same hour and directional restrictions as water skiing at Echo Lake.

LAUNCH FEESNote: we need to obtain a history and inspect all watercraft PRIOR TO LAUNCHING. The process is fairly straightforward and should not cause any significant delay.

$20.00 - any trailered or motorized boat  

$10.00 - car-top boat or inflatablenon-motorized.

$5.00 - Canoes, Kayaks, 

    Please note:  There is no charge for launching (or pulling out) non-powered watercraft if done outside of the harbor area, but these vessels are STILL SUBJECT TO MANDATORY INSPECTION.