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In this area, we will occasionally post pictures and other items of historical interest.  We welcome contributions, and will acknowledge the contributor(s).  Unless we specify a proprietary issue, you may assume that the items we post are public property and may be shared with others.  This is strictly a fun site .... enjoy !!

   Fall storm 2010

On Sunday, October 24th we received 7.9 inches of rain accompanied by very strong winds. E.I.D. had previously lowered the lake to about 6 inches depth at the ramp. By 10/26  Lower Echo had risen to almost 4 feet, and, according to observers, Upper Echo had risen over the piers. Boats that were essentially sitting on lake bottom prior to the storm broke their tie lines, filled with water and debris and sustained some damage. Never a dull moment at Echo!

10-24-2010 PILEUP.jpg (85135 bytes)

10-24-2010 WHYWALK.jpg (91855 bytes)

Historical Note: Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Over a three day period preceding the Memorial Day weekend, we had a snow-blower and a loader working to clear Echo Lakes Road into the Chalet. The snow pack was extensive and the road was single-lane in some portions ( especially around the lower curve - see photo below) requiring occasional back-ups to the nearest wide spot / turn-around. Everyone was cooperative and seemed grateful to be able to access the lake front in these winter-like conditions. Nevertheless, we were criticized for opening the road in such a limited fashion. 

Given the economic realities of Memorial Day weekends in general, and the frozen status of the lake, we have decided to discontinue plowing Echo Lakes Road in such conditions. In the future, when the lake is thawing we may decide to clear the road of some snow and debris in order to provide safe driving conditions. This will be a very limited, and much more cost-effective approach to starting our summer season(s). 

PICTURES FROM 5-28-2010:

ECHO ROAD 5-28-10.jpg (58504 bytes)

ECHO ROAD PLOWING 5-28-10.jpg (43693 bytes)

1917 - 1921 Pictures of Echo from El Dorado Irrigation Archives:

The last pack train from "Medley", presumably from dam construction at Aloha

ECHO PACK TRAIN 1917 OPTIMIZED.jpg (186811 bytes)

Lower Echo and main pier (unfinished)

LOWER ECHO AND PIER 1921 OPTIMIZED.jpg (118429 bytes)

Lower Echo and dam. Notice the cabin on the lower South side of the harbor.

LOWER ECHO AND DAM 1920'S OPTIMIZED.jpg (161027 bytes)


This is the earliest brochure we have for Echo Chalet.  The "Chalet-lees" were finished in the summer of 1947, so we assume this dates from the late 1940's.  At that time, bread was about 20 cents / loaf, and a Saturday double feature was 15 cents. The Chaletlee rates have increased 12 to 15-fold over the past 53 years - not bad by comparison.  We still think they're a bargain at $82 (one bedroom two guests) to $126 (2 bedroom -four guests) / night.   Come see our new, deluxe unit (Chaletlee #11) this summer.  This double unit has been combined into one "Suite" and will rent for $195 / night (full kitchen, king-size bed, hide-a-bed, living room, new bathroom with large shower). 


Dr. Carroll Cross, one of my ex-instructors / colleagues at U.C.D. Medical School, sent me this 1941 issue of  RUNT (a Fallen Leaf community publication from that era).


Here is the inside credit, including a tribute to the RUNT:

Here is the advertisement for that "world-famous resort" in the same issue of RUNT:

Historical noteCurt Rocca was the Chalet's first manager, and was called into military service about the time this advertisement appeared.  He had a Navy commission from U.C. Berkeley, and the Chalet was  operated by Blanche Rocca throughout the war years.  Upon his safe return from WWII, Curt elected to pursue another career, and the Chalet was sold to Haven W. Jorgensen ("Jorgy").

Echo Chalet owner / operators: (approximate dates)

Rocca Family 1939 - 1946

H.W. Jorgensen 1946 - 1969

Roy Johnson Family 1969 - 1973

H.W. Jorgensen 1973 - 1974

Bruce and Mary Lou Brown 1974 - 1981

Medshallah Corporation 1981 - 1984 

 Note: It is my (Tom's) understanding that the origin of "Medshallah" rests with the misinterpretation of a contraction of  Medical Chalet into "MedChalet".  The physician-owners, under a time constraint to incorporate,  telephoned  instructions to their attorney, and the intended Corporate name got lost in translation.  

Tom and Kathleen Fashinell 1984 (fall) - present 


JIM-BOB-TOM AT ECHO 1953.jpg (59045 bytes)

Jim, Bob, and Tom Fashinell at Echo Lake 1953

1956_Echo_Crew.jpg (71666 bytes)

1956:  Beverly Kent, ... ... Bruce Crater, Tom F. and Tom Phair 

OldenDays.JPG (130555 bytes)

Sid Ames on the left, Tom Fashinell on the right. Who's in the middle? Rigging "H-Bomb" circa 1959-60

Sid Ames 2.jpg (75046 bytes)

Sid in "H-Bomb" - No life jacket??

DanBarbaraMoby3.JPG (132128 bytes)

Dan Reid on the bagpipes playing "Amazing Grace" to a shore side audience. Kathleen portside stern, with Tyler partially visible behind the bagpipes.

OLDBLUE2.JPG (140301 bytes)

"Old Blues" at Echo 2003. Chuck Holloway, Vince (Buzz) Butler, Tom Fashinell (the auto-dating on the camera is off by 8-1/2 years)

TwoThompsons.JPG (117049 bytes)

Durein and Hueter antique Thompson wooden boats - rebuilt and maintained with loving care.

Summer of 2004: The breakwater boom came free this winter, and, unfortunately, broke into two sections. After extensive maneuvering the ends were pulled from the lake and subsequently cut into three sections of almost-equal length.  Axelson's welding did us a huge favor, and left ongoing projects to come up to Echo and repair the damage.  The underwater anchorS (about 3,000 pounds/each) have been successfully moved, and the three-piece boom has been floated into position. Over the years, the original boom had slowly dragged the anchors to the point wherein the harbor entrance was quite narrow.  Hopefully the articulated boom will be less likely to move the anchors - time will tell. 

Breakwater6-14-04.JPG (208889 bytes)

Due to adverse weather conditions we were unable to reposition the boom immediately upon its completion. Look at some of the following pictures and you will understand why we could not hold the boats in place over the anchors, and what such storms do to the harbor area.

Waves breaking over the Chalet Pier

Storm1.JPG (62159 bytes)

Reflecting Waves in  the Finger Piers

Storm2.JPG (62845 bytes)

Waves breaking over the rock wall

Storm3.JPG (63037 bytes)

Wave action in the central harbor. It is this kind of boat movement that results in broken lines, and damage to the boats and docks.  The heavier the boat, the more likely the piers will be damaged.  Lighter boats, especially those with low profiles, tend to ride under the dock edge and damage themselves.

WAVE ACTION3.JPG (63088 bytes)

More wave action - look at the boats in the background (tipped at all angles), and the waves breaking over the rental pier.

WAVE ACTION.jpg (107448 bytes)

BREAK-WATER BOOM:  Repair work and manipulation::

Boom on Ramp 5-17-04

  Boom on Ramp.JPG (61141 bytes)

Welding end-plates (note broken section)

Welding Sections and Cut End.JPG (61828 bytes)

Tom Mitchell, the expert welder (from Axelson's).

Tom the Welder.JPG (63476 bytes)


Our crew cutting chain, launching sections and rigging them on 5-27-04. 

Boom 5-26-04ca.JPG (62401 bytes)

Moving Section on "rollers"

Boom 5-26-04cc.JPG (61674 bytes)

Launching all three sections

Boom 5-26-04ce.JPG (62321 bytes)

Oops! Man is that water COLD!

Boom 5-26-04ch.JPG (62953 bytes)

Three-piece boom, awaiting re-attachment

Three Piece Boom.JPG (62638 bytes)

Moby rigged with two 4x6's on edge, with chains wrapped around each side. The come-a-longs were then attached to the chains and the first weight was lifted off the lake bottom. It could not be released in ideal position due to depth of the water and length of the fully-extended come-a-longs. New equipment has been obtained, and further attempts will be made when weather permits.

Moby Preparation.JPG (60228 bytes)

Jim getting ready to dive and place chains on weights.

Jim and Observers.JPG (131289 bytes)

Jim and Tom discussing the situation

Tom and Jim.JPG (65046 bytes)

Moby with weight lifted ( but not re-positioned )

Raising Weights.JPG (61238 bytes)


Where there was smoke ...

In_the_beginning_behind_Flagpole_Peak.jpg (68710 bytes)

(Picture courtesy of Betty Drury, view across lower Echo to Flagpole Peak)

There was ...

In the beginning.jpg (84354 bytes)

(Northwesterly view from the overlook at the base of Dumbo looking towards Flagpole Peak)

The fire as it appeared from Tahoe's North Shore:

Angora Fire from North Shore of Tahoe.jpg (42768 bytes)

Lower Echo the morning of 6-26-07 

Echo 6-25-07 AM.jpg (45810 bytes)

Lower Echo the morning of - 6-30-07

Lower Echo Lake 6-30-2007.JPG (77727 bytes)

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