Directions to Echo Lake
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    From the Bay Area:  

    Take Highway 80 East to Sacramento, then continue East on Highway 50 through Placerville and towards South Lake Tahoe.  

1.8 miles east of the Sierra at Tahoe Ski Resort, look for the brown Berkeley Camp / Echo Lake sign.  Turn left. Continue about 1/2 mile to Echo Lakes Road, turn left again and continue to the end of the road.  If you come to a turn-around at the California Alpine Club (red building), you missed Echo Lakes Road by about 1/4 mile. 

If you happen to miss the turn off from highway 50, the first thing you will see heading east is Little Norway.  You should turn around because the exit is back about 300 feet on your right. If you go further east you will see a "Snow Park" sign on your right, and a Cal-Trans yard on your left (just before starting down Meyer's Grade. You should turn around and head back down (west), and look for the exit just after Little Norway. Obviously, it is fairly easy to miss the brown Berkeley-Camp / Echo Lake sign.