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What a  tough  job............
5-25-03-Lake1.JPG (57775 bytes) 5-23-03-Plow1.JPG (62315 bytes) 5-23-03-Plow2.JPG (62787 bytes)
Echo Lake 5-25-03 5-23-03- Plowing Road
5-23-03-Rd9.JPG (58454 bytes) Echo5-12-03.JPG (59758 bytes) EchoRdEntrance5-12-03.JPG (61976 bytes)
5-23-03 Echo Road Echo 5-12-03 Echo Rd at Johnson Pass, 5-12-03
Snowman6.JPG (58369 bytes) TreesdownWestside.JPG (60651 bytes) TreesdownSouthside.JPG (60786 bytes)
Megan and Friend 5-25-03 Trees Down West side of Boathouse Tree Down South side of Boathouse
Echo5-25-03.JPG (57526 bytes) OpeningCrew2003.JPG (61779 bytes) EchoRdBerkeleyCamp5-12-03.JPG (58579 bytes)
Sunset 5-25-03 Opening Crew, Memorial Day Weekend, 5-25-03 Echo Road by Berkeley Camp.
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Pictures of our shop/barn facilities...
Moby1.JPG (60478 bytes) Moby2.JPG (59683 bytes) Moby3.JPG (62150 bytes)
Moby's Facelift, 2002 Relaunching...
FSRock1.JPG (64292 bytes) FSRock3.JPG (64849 bytes)



The precarious rock above the Chalet... being moved by the Forest Service, 2002.
PropaneMove1.JPG (63589 bytes) PropaneMove2.JPG (59128 bytes) PropaneMove3.JPG (61114 bytes)
Moving our Propane Dispensers.... from the 'Stream Environmental Zone'... to Behind the Barn, 2002.
6-8snow1.jpg (63673 bytes) 6-8snow2.jpg (63903 bytes) Lone Taxi.jpg (79520 bytes)

Snow on June 8, 2000!!!!

 The Lone Taxi, Hobbes, awaiting customers.
MemorialDay1.jpg (63073 bytes) Lakethawing.jpg (56193 bytes) EchoSnowman.JPG (53413 bytes)
Memorial Day May 2000. ...Toward the Chalet from the top end of Lower Lake. ...A snowman in the meadow, March 2000...
LowerEcho1.jpg (92131 bytes) Last of the Ice Lower Echo.jpg (58490 bytes) Tree Down At Scout Area.jpg (63726 bytes)
...Looking at Pyramid from Lower Lake, courtesy Tom Schaefer. Last of the Ice on Lower Lake... 5-6-00. Tree Down at the Scout Camp.  5-6-00
Schaefer424.jpg (50216 bytes) 5-19-00chaleta.jpg (57842 bytes) 5-19-00plowa.jpg (62785 bytes)
Pictures of the plowing in process (5-19-00).
5-19-00plowc.jpg (62245 bytes) 5-19-00roadb.jpg (59719 bytes) crew2000.jpg (46479 bytes)
Crew of 2000
crew2001.jpg (220855 bytes) Echo Crew 2003.JPG (61392 bytes)
Crew of 2001 Crew of 2002 Crew of 2003

Echo Sunrise 11-5-08

ECHO SUNRISE 11-5-08.jpg (72802 bytes)


ECHO LAKE 6-15-2011: